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Vuolo Video – Years of radio memories on DVD. “I’m archiving the radio industry with video tape.”

Art Vuolo has become radio’s unofficial chronicler, making it his business to record the industry’s great moments for posterity. He estimates that he has 6,000 audio cassettes representing over 10,000 hours of radio broadcasts, plus about 300 hours of video.

You will find pages and pages of DVDs for sale showcasing legendary radio personalities, conventions and UM football.

artvuolo-shotgun kelly
Art Vuolo with the iconic Shotgun Tom Kelly – Hollywood Walk of Fame star!

Art Vuolo Jr.

“Radio’s Best Friend”

In 1977 Art Vuolo saw a B&W ¾” videotape of a color 8mm film taken by the legendary San Diego personality, Shotgun Tom Kelly. The film, which was actually a “video presentation” for KFMB-FM “B-100,” was shot in 1976. Vuolo was dazzled. He thought “Wow . . . a video aircheck, what a concept.” This offered a chance for people to SEE what goes on in a radio studio while air personalities are actually on-the-air! That did it.

Back in April of 1978 Art borrowed a crude early edition color TV camera, hooked into an industrial Sony Beta deck with BI speed only and taped his first video aircheck at Indianapolis’ legendary Top 40 radio station 13/WIFE. Similar to the B-100 video, the WIFE tape was a video tour of the station featuring key employees and all of the various jocks actually on-the-air. It included: Danny McGuire in the Morning (aka Ron Fraiser), Steve “Super Cooper”, Diane Shannon, Thom Christy and Jerry Steele. It was the beginning of an era. It was the start of Vuolo Video Air-Chex. Now it’s easy to order as many as you want on Art Vuolo’s Video website.

This site includes many sensational “moments” in radio history both on audio and videotape. Enjoy your visit and I hope you find something you would like to have in your personal collection.

June 12, 2019

WPLJ Farewell Reunion Video

On May 21st 2019, over 400 alumni and friends of the iconic WPLJ-FM 95.5 in New York, paid homage at a spectacular Farewell Reunion! It was held at The Cutting Room in Manhattan. If you were there you can re-live it. If you missed it you can see it all. It features dozens of those in attendance, the two minute “mash-up” audio montage representing 48 years of ‘PLJ, TV spots and comments from legendary alums like Allen Shaw, Jim Kerr and Scott Shannon. Also included are several rare old video airchecks of WPLJ personalities not shown at the party. The video, on a standard DVD, is available at Vuolo Video Reunions. It runs 95.5 minutes and is priced, for a limited time, at just $20 plus $4.00 shipping and handling. Get this piece of radio history while supplies last!

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Get your copy of the 50th Anniversary WRKO Reunion. Click on this link


Dave Robbins Celebration of Life

I was fortunate to be able to re-route my trip home from the Talk Show Boot Camp in Los Angeles through Nashville and up to Columbus, OH for an amazing tribute to a beloved radio broadcaster who touched countless lives throughout his short time on this planet.  Dave “Rock & Roll” Robbins was from Ohio

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Remembering Bill Burton

Fabulous Turn Out for Bill Burton An overflow crowd of over 130 of some of the best people in Detroit’s radio and advertising community, and several from New York, Chicago and elsewhere, came together to honor the biggest cheerleader radio ever had in the Motor City, Bill Burton.  It was held Thursday September 10th at the

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KLAV-TV 40th Anniversary

Quite possibly my best ever convention hotel TV channel video, KLAV-TV 2015 for Conclave 40 in Minneapolis features just about every memorable video moment of the past 25 years, plus still shots from prior years. It’s also peppered with dozens of outstanding video airchecks, but no music videos. All vivid memories of years gone by.

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Radio Dream Lunch Video

The annual Radio Dream Lunch in LA which hosts some of radios biggest names is available on DVD! The disc has the edited version done for YouTube PLUS the uncut, unedited, raw stock footage representing the “directors cut”! This 2 hour DVD is available for the insane price of just $12 plus $4 ship &

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