U of M Celebrity Roasts:

Special charity roasts that are real collectors items
Ron Kramer: the legendary ole number 87. Recorded live at the Ann Arbor Sheraton Hotel on June 2, 2000 with roasters: Don Canham, Jim Brandstatter, Dave Diles, Norm Masters, Earl Morrall, Jerry Green, and Bo Schembechler! MC is Bob Forman. Rated PG-21 Time: 101 minutes. $20 on DVD

Jerry Hanlon & Tirril Burton: This was a “double roast” at the Michigan League on April 23, 1993 and featured roasters: Jon Falk, Bo Schembechler, Harlan Huckleby, Ron Kramer, Jim Betts, Rob Lytle, Lloyd Carr, Gary Moeller, Bob Forman and MC Frank Beckmann! Rated PG-18 Time: 121 minutes. $20 on DVD

Other Roasts: Don Lund, Al Renfrew, Al Ackerman and Sonny Eliot with MC Jim Brandstatter!!! $20 on DVD

Roasts :
ROASTS & TRIBUTES include: Ron Kramer, Don Lund, Tirril Burton & Jerry Hanlon, Al Renfrew, Sonny Eliot and Al Ackerman. $20