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For many years I have been archiving U of M Football Games on both audio and videotape, and have found that neither the University of Michigan or radio stations that carry the games kept much, if anything, of these broadcasts… but I have!  It was also my pleasure to have produced the two albums (now on CD) featuring the greatest moments of Wolverine Football with the late Bob Ufer.  Many past games are available to Michigan fans who wish to re-live the memories.  Games are available on CD’s (audio) or DVD (video).  Prices are kept very reasonable just so that I can cover my expenses and costs of duplication.

This special service is not for profit or personal gain.  Videos are being provided for private use and not for public display, re-sale or re-broadcast.

Audio copies of games are just $12.  Video copies of games are only $18. All video orders are provided on DVD and all audio is on CD, from the masters recordings.  Thanks to search engines, like Google, quite a number of Michigan fans have been in touch seeking games from past years.  Some are former players, alumni and others are just great U of M Football fans.

Over time we are transferring more and more games from tape onto DVD’s.  Now, games are being archived on DVD.  Michigan Replay with hi-lights of  game is also included some of the recordings.  Michigan Replay is a production of CTC Sports, and has been produced for more than a quarter century by top- notch director Bob Lipson!

Feel free to e-mail me artvuolo@aol.com with questions regarding your request.  Scroll down past the listing for news about how and why, after the 2005 season, WJR Radio dropped Michigan sports broadcasts in favor of the MSU Spartans.  We also have news about which stations are the NEW home of Wolverine football, basketball and hockey from now and in the future.  Thanks and GO BLUE!

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U of M Celebrity Roasts

These are special charity roasts that are real collectors items
Ron Kramer – the legendary ole number 87.  Recorded live at the Ann Arbor Sheraton Hotel on June 2, 2000 with roasters: Don Canham, Jim Brandstatter, Dave Diles, Norm Masters, Earl Morrall, Jerry Green, and Bo Schembechler!  MC is Bob Forman.  Rated PG-21   Time: 101 minutes.   $20 on DVD

Jerry Hanlon & Tirril Burton: This was a “double roast” at the Michigan League on April 23, 1993 and featured roasters: Jon Falk, Bo Schembechler, Harlan Huckleby, Ron Kramer, Jim Betts, Rob Lytle, Lloyd Carr, Gary Moeller, Bob Forman and MC Frank Beckmann!   Rated PG-18   Time: 121 minutes.   $20 on DVD

Other Roasts also available are Don Lund, Al Renfrew, Al Ackerman and Sonny Eliot with MC Jim Brandstatter!!!   $20 on DVD Roasts

Special Moments in Michigan Football

from the personal archives of Art Vuolo, Jr.

For any true Michigan Football fan, we’ve put together a special 2 hour DVD which contains many memorable moments, including:

Memories of Bob Ufer: The 1981 Season -it’s a moving look back at the ultimate “homer”;  Hi-Lites of the stunning 1993 victory over Ohio State in The Big House;  the cliff-hanger ending to the late August 1995 win over Virginia in the Pigskin Classic;  the actual video which helped convince the university to keep the games on The Great Voice of The Great Lakes…WJR-AM 760, hosted by 1975 UM Grad and WJR morning host  Paul W. Smith produced in late 1996.

Also, the infamous extra second UM-MSU game on November 3rd 2001 – you see the same ending with 3 different audio tracks (WJR’s Frank and Jim, WXYT’s George Blaha, and ABC-TV’s Brent Musberger and Gary Danielson!)  Plus, the thrilling ending to the U-M vs. Washington Huskies game in 2002, and the first ever overtime win in the Big House against Penn State.

This video even includes the only time that Frank Beckmann ever “broke up” on the air and Jim Brandstatter had to take over at the 1984 Northwestern game in Ann Arbor.  It was after the tackle involving two players by the name of Rogers and Hammerstein!  Outrageously funny! DVD only $18

UM Football
Why WJR repainted the BLUE room with GREEN paint!

A true story by Art Vuolo, Jr.

In a stunning turn of events, the University of Michigan had to find a new radio home for their football and basketball games after the 2005 season when 50,000 watt WJR-AM (760) abruptly announced on Thursday, October 13, 2005, that they would no longer be carrying any U of M sporting events.

Even more shocking was the news that The Great Voice of The Great Lakes had signed a new five-year deal to carry the Michigan State Spartans!   The reason it all  took place was MONEY.  The answer to almost every “business decision” is money.  There was simply more “GREEN” coming out of East Lansing than Ann Arbor!

Insiders felt that basketball was the driving force behind the move.  The MSU basketball program is, generally speaking, stronger and there are more than twice as many basketball games as football.  More games, equals more spots (commercials) and that equals more money.  Simple economics.

The news thrilled the Green and White MSU fans and caused great distress to thousands of maize and blue Michigan fans at the same time.  The deal was put together by, WJR’s former president and general manager, Michael D. Fezzey.  Sources say that Michigan State had been lusting after the mega-power WJR for many years.  The Spartans had been aggressively perusing WJR since the spring of 2005.  It was also thought that the station was not getting as much “love and respect” from the Wolverines as they felt was deserved.  That seemed like a sure- fire recipe for defection.  Some insiders felt the Wolverines had become somewhat complacent regarding the U of M’s relationship with the radio station.  Others felt the culprit was the network coordinator Host Communications, but that could not be confirmed, nor is it considered feasible. Today the games are produced by the Michigan Sports Network, a division of IMG which took over Host..

The Michigan Athletic Department was completely blind-sided by the move.  Former Athletic Director Bill Martin actually heard the news first on his radio…WJR radio!  It was incredible news since he was dealing with the station and it’s network arm, Host Communications, in “good faith,” or so it seemed.

The trio of broadcasters who cover the U of M Football games;  Frank Beckmann, Jim Brandstatter and Steve Courtney, were also stunned by the news.   The staff of WJR was taken by bus to East Lansing, unsure of what was going to happen.   En route the bus was pulled over at a rest area near Fowlerville, by a State Trooper.  This action was pre-arranged so that Beckmann, Courtney and Paul W. Smith could be pulled off the bus and receive the news separately since it was thought this move would affect them the most.  It did.  Smith is a 1975 U of M graduate and a huge Michigan fan.  Beckmann felt betrayed and like a “lame duck” for the rest of the 2005 season.

They were all taken to the Spartan Stadium where the MSU band was on the field playing the fight song and the WJR logo was already up on the electronic scoreboard. They were treated to a warm reception at the MSU stadium and then were taken to an elegant dinner at the home of Michigan State President Simon.  It appears that the Spartans wanted to express their deep appreciation for this new association in a first class manner.

Fans no doubt compared this to when the Tigers and the Red Wings  moved from powerful WJR to the far lesser signal of sports WXYT-AM (1270).  The teams lost all of their fans in Indiana, Ohio and Ontario.  WJR was perceived as a “turn-coat” by many U of M fans at that time, and some still do.  They had been broadcasting Michigan football and basketball since 1976 when the late Bob Ufer segued over from Ann Arbor’s WPAG, now WTKA-AM (1050).  Michigan fans can be pleased that an extensive network of stations have kept the Wolverines within ear-shot of most!

Back on October 13, 2005, when the big radio switch happened, I was flattered to be asked to help find a suitable replacement for news-talk WJR-AM (760).  Because no station is bigger than ‘JR,  I recommended that the games segue to an FM signal which is as strong after sundown as it is in the daytime.  That cannot be said about any AM stations in SE Michigan.  My exact words were “boys it’s time to take these games to FM.”

The station I strongly recommended was WOMC-FM (104.3) home of Detroit’s Greatest Hits.  It was also suggested (by myself) that WOMC would now stand for Where Only Michigan Counts!  Sadly, that slogan was never actually used on the air.

There was a long delay in consummating that deal due to negotiations with WJR management over the university’s desire to have Frank Beckmann call the games while remaining a key mid-morning talk host on 760 AM.  Jim Brandstatter, who is a free-lance talent, would have no problem remaining with Frank.  They have a magical chemistry and most fans love ‘em.  Steve Courtney, who is WJR’s morning sports reporter on the Paul W. Smith show is no longer working with B&B, but now does the pre-game tailgate shows for MSU.  The new field reporter is WXYT’s mid-day sports co-anchor Doug Karsch, who actually lives in Ann Arbor, in the shadow of the Michigan Stadium, and is well-connected with the Michigan Athletic Department.  U-M tailgate shows are hosted by the longtime and popular duo Lucy Anne Lance and Dean Erskin.  The IMG network is still carried on local station WTKA-AM (1050) in Ann Arbor.  WTKA has a very long-standing relationship with Michigan sports coverage.

As of early August of 2011, the five year deal with WOMC had expired and no new station had been secured to carry The Wolverines!  The University wanted to continue it’s relationship with CBS Radio Detroit, but programmers of their FM stations WOMC 104.3 (classic hits), WYCD 99.5 (country) and WDHZ 98.7 (top 40 Amp Radio) did not want to interrupt their music formats for six to seven hours of football coverage.  The CBS AM stations are WWJ-AM 950 (all-news) and WXYT-AM 1270 (all-talk) with the star-player being FM sports powerhouse WXYT-FM (The Ticket) at 97.1.  The Ticket has a full dance card with the Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons and Lions.  So, Michigan football and basketball struck a deal with WWJ-AM 950.  Fans, spoiled by HD television and high-quality digital audio, miss the clarity of the powerful FM signal, but stay tuned.

Michigan games can also be heard border to border and coast-to-coast because U of M currently has a contract with SiriusXM Satellite Radio.  The U-M announcers; Frank, Jim and Doug are featured on Sirius satellite radios.  They are on XM radios only  when playing at home.  Another new twist, as of October 8, 2011, has ALL Michigan football games on HD Radio!  Games can be heard clearly on 97.1 FM HD-3, which is the 3rd HD channel of WXYT-FM (known as “The Ticket”) Finally, a huge plus is the ability to hear Michigan Football games on-line over the Internet on the web site www.MGoBlue.com!

The years ahead will be interesting and exciting as “Hoke-a-Mania” takes over and we learn that “Hoke Adds Life….to Michigan Football!”

Mystical Magic of the Number 10

Commentary by Art Vuolo, Jr.

It’s widely known that I have been archiving Michigan Football games for over thirty years now and I have noticed a number of interesting things about numbers and in particular the number ten as it pertains to U of M games. As I sit here on Sunday night October 10th, I have been keenly aware that the date is 10-10-10 and this unique sequence of dates and numbers will happen only two more times in our lifetime. On 11-11-11 and then on 12-12-12. That’s it.

The number ten has seemingly been most prevalent in the UM-Ohio State series. The year of the 10-10 tie was 1973. 1 and 9 = 10 and 7 and 3 = 10, so it was a 10-10 year between two Big Ten schools. The Woody Hayes TV show in Columbus was on WBNS-TV Channel 10, and the other two major network stations are WSYX-TV Channel 6 and WCMH-TV Channel 4, 6 and 4 = 10! Famous OSU quarterback Art Schleister wore number 10 and for many years the “0” on the Ohio State field has a #1 next to it to form the number 10. Tom Brady also wore #10.

I vividly recall telling some of these stories to a Channel 10 cameraman up on the photo deck of the old press box about ten years ago during a UM-OSU game, to which he passed off as all just a coincidence. But, when the score was tied 10 to 10, with 10 minutes and 10 seconds left in the game and the ball was on the (yup, you guessed it) 10 yard line he reluctantly said “OK I’ll give it to you.”
So, on this 10th day of the 10th month of the 10th year of the 21st century, I felt it was time to share a few of these facts with Michigan Football fans like you.
PLEASE NOTE: We are still making every game available (at cost) with radio audio from the Michigan Sports Network produced by IMG, perfectly synced with the TV video. Each game is edited with Final Cut software on a Mac Book Pro and all home games feature lots of local color, tailgating and the marching bands. Since 2001, we have nearly every game, and beginning with the 2010 season, the halftime band shows are also included.  They make excellent keepsakes for any Michigan fan and great gifts for anyone for whom a particular game might be especially significant. Remember that these DVD’s are not for duplication, personal gain, or re-broadcast. Starting in 2013 all the games are recorded in HD and every DVD is presented in 16 X 9 wide-screen format.  Production values have been greatly intensified for Season 134, 2013.  Please remember these DVD’s are for personal use only.

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