XM Radio: Final Shows
When XM was taken over by Sirius, a number of beloved personalities were let go, but we got their final program digitally recorded and transferred to sets of multiple CD’s.

Country Dan Dixon 3 CD Set $15.00

Matt the Cat 3 CD Set $15.00

Pat Clarke 3 CD Set $15.00

Ken Smith 2 CD Set $15.00

HOWARD STERN’S LAST TERRESTRIAL RADIO SHOW (12-16-05)This was the final show based at WXRK (K-Rock 92.3) in New York City…a collector’s item with his last over the free airwaves program, includes the rally in the streets of Manhattan. It’s about as outrageous has Howard could be while still under the laws of the FCC. 3 CD Set $20

Stern’s first show on Sirius was much more graphic than originally expected. It’s loaded with explicit language, including frequent use of the F-word (77 times). Most of the strong language is featured in “bits” played on the air and from listeners calling into the show. Whether you’re a Stern fan or not, this is a collectible because it’s the first time a MAJOR radio star has segued to satellite radio with no rules to constrain him! Available on FOUR CD’s including 46 minutes of the first “Wrap-Up Show.” 4 CD Set $25

This is an entertaining and historic 4 hour unscoped recording from Sirius of Cousin Brucie’s first ever show on satellite radio! It was recorded LIVE from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio with lots of guests and interesting reflections about the golden age of rock and roll, digitally recorded and commercial-free, this is a must have for any “Sirius” fan of great 50’s and 60’s oldies radio. $20.

The radio industry was saddened to learn of the passing of New York Radio legend Scott Muni on September 28, 2004. In his memory I compiled a special CD (audio) of clips of Muni on WMCA in 1965 filling in for Ed Baer (and reading a newscast at 5 a.m. on the overnight show!) Also he’s on WABC, summer of 1963, at WOR-FM in 1966 and on WNEW-FM in 1991. Also included is his acceptance speech at the 2002 AIR Awards and the special tribute to his career when he received that lifetime achievement award! The CD is 6 cuts and runs 25 minutes. Scott Muni will be missed but the signal will live on forever. $15

This is a CD of New York City Radio: The 1960’s with clips from WMCA, WABC & WINS, plus WOR-FM and WCBS-FM (pre-oldies). It’s a major retrospective of pop radio in New York City between 1960 and 1969. It also features a Top 40 speed trip of great stations called the 7:30 Tape…runs 7 min. 30 sec. plus the famous NINE TAPE by Howard Hoffman, Randy West and Pete Salant made in the mid-70’s. It’s 78 minutes long and a FLOOD of radio memories! $15

On August 18 & 19, 1984 WCBS-FM, New York’s longtime oldies station, hosted a remarkable radio event…a reunion of many of the most famous names ever to grace the airwaves of “The Greatest City in the World!” Some of those included were: Cousin Bruce Morrow, Big Dan Ingram, Harry Harrison, Herb Oscar Anderson, Charlie Greer, Scott Muni, Super Max Kinkel, Ron Lundy, Jack Spector, Dandy Dan Daniel, Dean Anthony, Chuck Leonard, Bob Lewis and others. It’s on SIX (6) CD’s. Since the 2005 demise of CBS-FM to the “Jack-FM” format, this is a real collectible! This historic NYC Radio Reunion Set is just $20

On Fathers Day weekend, June 19, 1971 Detroit FM station WDEE-FM (93.1) changed its call letters to WDRQ and adapted a revolutionary new format..news-talk on FM! To launch this new concept on the FM dial Bartell Broadcasting commissioned me to produce a six (6) hour documentary called: Detroit Radio: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. It was narrated by Ex-KCBQ San Diego news director Richard Mock. It is divided into 12 half-hour chapters, each dealing with a different facet of Detroit radio history. One chapter is on the impact of WKNR Keener 13, another on The Big 8 CKLW, one on urban radio, another one on country, plus an entire chapter on superstars Dick Purtan and J. P. McCarthy! It’s an amazing retrospective. 5 CD Set $25

Each Friday the Terry Young Show on XM Satellite Radio paid tribute to a great top 40 radio station from the 1960’s. We have archived them ALL!

These shows are four hours and fit perfectly on three 80 minute CD’s and most include 4 CD’s as I have included (as a bonus) the one hour Sweet 16 countdown done in the style of the station featured. These Terry Young shows were done LIVE on XM and feature the jingles, old spots, vintage airchecks of DJ’s from the showcased station and of course the 60’s oldies! They’re really GREAT! The show aired on XM Channel 6 Fridays from 4 pm till 9 pm EST but were canceled after the merger between Sirius and XM in November of 2008. They are un-scoped and include everything on the broadcast.

Updated August, 2020. Here’s what we have:

CKLW Detroit/Windsor
KELP El Paso
KFJZ #1 Fort Worth
KFJZ #2 Fort Worth
KFWB #1 Los Angeles
KFWB #2 Los Angeles
KHJ #1 Los Angeles
KHJ #2 Los Angeles
KILT Houston
KIMN Denver
KISN Portland, OR
KJR #1 Seattle
KJR #2 Seattle
KLIF Dallas
KOIL Omaha
KOMA #1 Oklahoma City
KOMA 32 Oklahoma City
KQV #1 Pittsburgh
KQV #2 Pittsburgh
KQV #3 Pittsburgh
KRUX Phoenix
KXOA Sacramento
KXOK #1 St. Louis
KXOK #2 St. Louis
KYA San Francisco
WAKY Louisville
WALT Tampa
WAPE #1 Jacksonville
WAPE #2 Jacksonville
WAYS #1 Charlotte
WAYS #2 Charlotte
WBAM Montgomery
WCAO Baltimore
WCFL #1 Chicago
WCFL #2 Chicago
WCFL #3 Chicago
WDGY Mpls/St.Paul
WEAM Washington DC
WFIL #1 Philadelphia
WFIL #2 Philadelphia
WFUN Miami
WGH Norfolk/Tidewater
WHB Kansas City
WHBQ #1 Memphis
WHBQ #2 Memphis
WIBG #1 Philadelphia
WIBG #2 Philadelphia
WIBG #3 Philadelphia
WIFE #1 Indianapolis
WIFE #2 Indianapolis
WING #1 Dayton
WING #2 Dayton
WIXY #1 Cleveland
WIXY #2 Cleveland
WKBW Buffalo
WKIX Raleigh, NC
WKKO Cocoa Beach
WKLO #1 Louisville
WKLO #2 Louisville
WKNR #1 Detroit
WKNR #2 Detroit
WKNR #3 Detroit
WKNR #4 Detroit
WKYC Cleveland
WLCY #1 Tampa
WLCY #2 Tampa
WLEE Richmond, VA
WLS #1 Chicago
WLS #2 Chicago
WMEX #1 Boston
WMEX #2 Boston
WMEX #3 Boston
WNDR Syracuse
WOHO Toledo
WOLF Syracuse
WORD Spartanburg, SC
WPOP Hartford
WQAM Miami
WRKO Boston
WROV #1 Roanoke
WROV #2 Roanoke
WSGN Birmingham
WTIX New Orleans
WTMA #1 Charleston, SC
WTMA #2 Charleston, SC
WTOD Toledo

We did not record all of the repeated tributes. Those that are archived include: WCFL, KXOK, KQV, WFIL, KFWB, WIXY, KOMA, WIFE, WKNR, WMCA, KHJ, WABC, WQAM, KHJ, WAYS, WROV, WLS, WCFL, and WAPE and CKLW. There are 92 tributes, including multiples.

Pick Station to order. If you are ordering a station that was done twice, be certain that you indicate the which version you want. $20.00

Stations :

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KGO SAN FRANCISCO: Ronn Owens got a call from Howard Stern while interviewing FCC Commissioner Michael Powell…an amazing radio “moment.”

WHAT IS A DISK JOCKEY? A mind-blowing audio montage (49 min) from stations in New York, Chicago, Louisville, Indianapolis and Toledo illustrating an exciting era of personality radio. This one really moves fast!order_now

BOOTLEG TOP 40 Volume 2: This is a 37 minutes blitz of great Top 40 radio stations from the mid-1960’s through mid-1970’s.order_now

“RECENTLY RELEASED” by the late Paul Lynde The center spot on Hollywood Squares for years and one of the funniest comics ever, Paul Lynde was WAY ahead of his time with this 1952 LP which is loaded with “drops” that radio DJ’s can use on the air. This album is out of print and has been since the mid-1950’s. It was digitally restored from the original.order_now

Windy City Airchecks: The Tim Benko Collection! October 1973 through March 1989
Between Christmas and New Years in 1998, my friend Timothy W. Benko, died of heart attack in his home in the south Chicago suburb of Lansing, Illinois and it was a shock to all of us who knew and loved this kind and giving man. His brother, Mike who lives in North Carolina, asked me if I would like to maintain his impressive collection of high-quality audio tapes. I was honored. The collection is composed of over 1,000 reels and cassettes. Tim recorded everything on the best equipment and on extra high-grade tapes. The first 227 tapes were recorded at 7 1/2 ips on reel-to-reel tapes. Tim only used one side of the tapes to avoid any “multi-track cross talk” as the tapes aged. What follows is a complete index of his library. Copies of any of these tapes can be ordered on CD’s for just $5 each. Click to see the complete list.