21 Years of  Vuolo Video Air-Chex at R&R 1999 Produced for the 1999 R&R Convention in LA, this is the fastest montage ever which includes all the best parts of the three previous videos squeezed into 123 minutes! New stuff added to this video includes: Jeff & Jer, Kevin Matthews, Fingers & Barry, Mancow, Kato Kaelin, Regular Guys, Dr. Laura, Phlash Phelps, John & Ken, Nastyman, Phil Hendrie, RRHOF Legends, Geoff Fieger, Mitch Albom, and a tribute to Tom Shovan! $25

The Best of Vuolo Video Air-Chex Volume 4 This video is two solid hours of great radio and features jocks like: Chris Edmonds, Tom Graye, Jeff Davis, John Records Landecker, Bob & Tom, Jack Da Wack, Steve Cooper, Scott Shannon, Howard Hoffman, Kelly & Kline, Big Steve Kelly, The Greaseman, Hi-Lites of WLS’ 25th, The Detroit reunion 1985, The ‘KB’ Buffalo Reunion, Jimmy & Steve, Bobby Rich, Randy Michaels, Paul Barsky, Jay Thomas, Bill Lee, Moby, Charlie Tuna, The Real Don Steele, B J Hunter, Dick Purtan, Byron MacGregor, Spanky McFarlin, Super Jay Johnson, Harry Harrison, Dan Taylor, Scott Miller, and Mike O’Brien. Top stations coast-to-coast…a butt-kickin’ videotape! $25

The Best of Vuolo Video Air-Chex Volume 6 Even better than Volume 4 because it includes video from as far back as 1971 up through 1991 – a 20 year span! It includes: Big Ron O’Brien, Billy Pearl, Eric Chase, Shotgun Tom Kelly, Larry Lujack, Fred Winston, Art Laboe, Michael Jackson, Jerry St. James, Chuck Browning, Dr. Don Rose, Tim Kelly, Robert Murphy, Ron Chapman, Wally Philips, Rush Limbaugh, Coyote McCloud, Bobby Wilde, Arthur Penhallow, Rick Dees, Alan Berg, the WIXY Reunion, MG Kelly, Jack Armstrong, The Power Pig, Andy Savage, Z-100 Birthdays, Pat Still & Axel, Steve Cochran, Ron Lundy, Kid Kelly, Gary Spears, and George McFly among others. A killer video! $25.

The Best of Vuolo Video Air-Chex Volume 8 This was perhaps our best seller ever. It was produced for Critical Mass Media as an in-room hotel channel at the 1993 NAB Radio Show in Dallas. It was structured by categories – High Energy: Terry Young, Bill Lee, Don Beno, Domino, Dave Robbins etc. Talk: Rush Limbuagh, Bill Cunningham, Lynn Samuals, Paul W. Smith, Bob Grant etc. Ladies: Diane Shannon, Kim Carson, Angela Allen, Cathy Fox, Donna Rowland, etc. Stud Jocks: Doug Dunbar, Chris Davis, Chris Leary, George McFly, Hawk Harrison etc. News: Byron MacGregor, Paul Smith, Karen Hand, Rob Williams, Bob Schuman etc. Remotes: Randy Michaels, Joey Reynolds, Hollywood Hamilton, etc. Legendary Greats: Jerry Blavat, Bob Steele, Dr. Don Rose, J P McCarthy, Robert W. Morgan, Joe Niagra, Hy Lit, Dan Ingram, Bruce Morrow, Tom Shannon, Jerry Stevens, Tom Joyner etc. Urban: Mike Love, BJ Steele, Super Jay Johnson etc. Shock Jocks: Tom Leykis, Howard Stern, Alan Berke, Bob & Tom, Dr. Don Carpenter, Tim & Tom, Moby, Greaseman, Steve Dahl & Garry Meier, Stevens & Pruitt etc. Personality Plus: Alex Bennett, Larry King, Danny Bonaduce, Scott & Todd, Dick Purtan, etc. Our best effort ever! $25.

THE BEST OF BOB & TOM VIDEO This is a 32 minute DVD (also available on VHS) that chronicles Bob & Tom from 1984 through 1999 with many incredibly funny bits all compressed into a single video that flies by in record time! It starts with a two-minute blitz of “The Boys” followed by the full half-hour tour of their show over the years. This video was originally made as an introduction of Bob & Tom when they MC’ed the Marconi Awards at the 1999 NAB Radio Show in Orlando, late August of that year. Sadly the NAB opted not to use it. But, you can have your own copy. $15.