bob_tomNo one has more videotape of Bob & Tom than Vuolo Video!

You will also find these on Video Air-Chex “Volumes” $20

VOLUME ONE This tape features Tom Griswold as a newscaster on WJML-FM 98.9 in Petoskey, MI in the summer of 1982 on the Art Bussure morning show.  Art is now a chief engineer for a group of stations in Charlotte, NC as of the mid-2000’s.  A very rare video indeed! $20

VOLUME FIVE This is the first video “The Boys” in Indianapolis at WFBQ (Q 95).  It starts with an on-location remote at the Raz-ma-Taz Club on the west side of Indy in May of 1984. Followed by “Helium Monday” in their first small studio at WFBQ on May 28, 1984. $20

VOLUME THIRTEEN Memorial Day weekend in the Circle City means the Indy 500 and a visit with Bob & Tom still in the small studio, but completely out of control.  Very funny stuff taped on May 27, 1985 $20

VOLUME SEVENTEEN This was the year the Indy 500 was rain on heavily and we just parked ourselves in the studio with Bob & Tom, along with Jay Baker and a cast of zany personalities for a very wacky experience. Taped on May 26, 1986. $20

VOLUME TWENTY-THREE This was the last show videotaped in their compact carpet-on-the-wall studio at WFBQ in Indianapolis with comics Bob Morley and John Malicar, Kristie Lee on news (early shots) and Mark Much on voices with guest shot from PD Marty Bender! Taped on May 22, 1987 $20

VOLUME TWENTY-NINE First show videotaped in the “new” Bob & Tom studio…much larger and brighter with comic Bobby Gaylor, Mark Patrick, Jimmy Mad Dog Maddis, Dick’s Picks with Jay Baker and Pam Ferrin on news.  Insane time for all, as usual.  May of 1989 $20

MORNING SHOW BOOT CAMP VIDEO CHANNEL Since 1994, The Bob & Tom Show has been featured on the Hotel Video Channel at the Morning Show Boot Camp (a seminar for morning DJ’s) and these include the May 1990 show with in-studio guest Tim Allen, and a slew of major names in comedy, including Heywood Banks, Rodney Carrington, the late Barry Martin and others!  Almost any Boot Camp video (except 2004) includes plenty of Bob & Tom. $20

THE BEST OF BOB & TOM VIDEO This is a 32 minute DVD (also available on VHS) that chronicles Bob & Tom from 1984 through 1999 with many incredibly funny bits all compressed into a single video that flies by in record time!  It starts with a two-minute blitz of “The Boys” followed by the full half-hour tour of their show over the years.  This video was originally made as an introduction of Bob & Tom when they MC’ed the Marconi Awards at the 1999 NAB Radio Show in Orlando, late August of that year.  Sadly the NAB opted not to use it. But, you can have your own copy for just $20

You can also buy any number of dozens of excellent Bob & Tom Charity CD’s at their superb web site: