Kidd Kraddick When beloved Dallas-based personality Kidd Kraddick died suddenly, it was a shock to his many fans and the entire radio industry. I produced a special 17 minute tribute to his memory. The profits from that DVD are being donated to his foundation Kidd’s Kids.$20

Larry Lujack Memorial Video One of radio most admired, creative and iconic personalities, Larry Lujack died on December 18, 2013. This is the full-version of a 13 minute video posted on YouTube. It’s 73 minutes, matching the number of years he lived. Ironically, in amateur radio terms 73 means “signing-off or goodbye.” This tribute contains dozens of less moments from Larry’s phenomenal career. 25% from each DVD ordered will go to Larry’s favorite charity. 73 minutes  $20

Robert W. Morgan One of radio’s great personalities was Robert W. Morgan who woke up southern California for many years.  Morgan died of lung cancer in 1998.  First is an air check of him (with Joni Caryl-news) at KMGG Magic 106 (105.9) which changed a week after this was shot in early January 1986 to KPWR Power 106 and all the air staff were out of a job!  The second part is Robert W. at his last radio home, KRTH best known as K-Earth 101.  It’s vintage “Good Morgan” radio and a ton of fun to watch the master at work! 88 minutes $15

The Real Don Steele This is a real collectable!  The Real Don Steele was the epitome of energy on afternoon drive radio.  First is a very rare film of Don at KTNQ (Ten-Q 1020 AM) in 1977 which was taken by Shotgun Tom with the late Phil Flowers from San Diego on 8mm FILM!  The second part is a great video (widely circulated) of The Real Don at KRLA-AM 1110 in the summer of 1987.  At KRLA he was flanked by a couple of LA Raiders blonde cheerleaders…very hot!  Sadly, Don died, also of lung cancer, while at K-Earth 101…but we never got him on video from that station where he was (ironically) succeeded by Shotgun Tom Kelly in 1997. 19 minutes $15

JP McCarthy Tribute (WJR Detroit) This video was produced for the Radio Hall of Fame in Chicago in 1995 which was Radio’s 75th Anniversary. J. P. passed away on August 16, 1995 and the induction ceremony was in November of the same year in the Windy City. This brief video was shown at the event.   2 minutes $10

Byron MacGregor (CKLW 20/20 News) This tribute was made after his untimely death in January 1995.  It was when he was being nominated for induction into the Radio Hall of Fame in Chicago.  Sadly he lost out to the late Bob Steele (who was still alive at the time) who worked over 52 years at WTIC-AM 1080 in Hartford, CT.  Steele can be found on Video Air-Chex: Volume # 22.  This video is a real “grabber” and includes a clip from his moving memorial service. 13 minutes  $15

Rick Sklar Tribute (WABC New York) Another tribute made for the Radio Hall of Fame when Rick was inducted in 1993.  It traces his career as the most famous program director ever at WABC MUSCICRADIO 77 in New York City.  This video was also shown at the 1993 Bobby Poe Convention.  Sklar died in 1993 when he was hospitalized for simple foot surgery, but was administered an overdose of anesthesia.  3.5 minutes  $10

Bob Collins WGN Chicago After his most untimely death in a lite-plane crash in February 2000, this very emotional video tribute was made for the 2000 R&R Talk Radio Seminar.  It features the last in-studio video ever shot of Bob Collins, just 7 weeks before his death, and a powerful on-air eulogy by Paul Harvey on ABC Radio.  It is impossible to get through this video with a dry eye.  It is on file at the Radio Hall of Fame-Chicago.  4 minutes $10

Gordon McLendon Tribute (KLIF Dallas and McLendon Broadcasting) Made for his 1994 induction into the Radio Hall of Fame in Chicago.  This video was actually shown at the ceremony at the Museum of Broadcast Communication in Windy City’s Cultural Center that year to rave reviews!  His brother Bart was very impressed! 2.5 minutes $10

Wolfman Jack This is a very rare look at Wolfman Jack remote from the Opryland Hotel studio of WSM-AM in Nashville doing country and interviewing country artists; Mo Bandy and Billy Joe Royal.  Great stuff indeed!  It was recorded in March of 1989.  The second part was shot in 1994 about a year before he died.  It was at the now demolished KCBQ building in suburban San Diego with PD Rich “Brother” Robbin and Shotgun Tom Kelly who actually made this video! 64 Minutes $15

Memories of Johnny Carson Like so many, I was saddened by the passing of the King of Late Night TV, and compiled a special DVD in tribute which contains coverage from Entertainment Tonight (ET) plus The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the 1979 Mike Wallace 60 Minutes interview and The Late Show with David Letterman (Time: 1:55) Carson started his career in radio. $15