2019 AAHS Class of 1964 55th Reunion
It was hours of work to both record all of this material and edit it into something nice that we felt you would like to have, whether you were there or not, I hope you will enjoy what we put together. I also hope that you will seriously consider ordering a DVD copy of this video so you’ll have a permanent copy for years to come. It’s been very reasonably priced at just $15. It’s simply a means to recoup my out-of-pocket expenses, so I really hope you’ll want a disc, which will play on any standard DVD player or most computers with a DVD drive. You can easily order from my website or just send a check to the address below. Enjoy the Memories! $15.00

WPLJ Farewell Reunion Video! On May 21st 2019, over 400 alumni and friends of the iconic WPLJ-FM 95.5 in New York, paid homage at a spectacular Farewell Reunion! It was held at The Cutting Room in Manhattan. If you were there you can re-live it. If you missed it you can see it all. It features dozens of those in attendance, the two minute “mash-up” audio montage representing 48 years of ‘PLJ, TV spots and comments from legendary alums like Allen Shaw, Jim Kerr and Scott Shannon. Also included are several rare old video airchecks of WPLJ personalities not shown at the party. The video, on a standard DVD, is available at vuolovideo.com. It runs 95.5 minutes and is priced, for a limited time, at just $20 plus $5.00 shipping and handling. Get this piece of radio history while supplies last! $20.00

50th Anniversary WRKO Reunion On June 2 & 3, 2017 WRKO Boston hosted a Friday night Dinner attended by past employees and friends of the station, with lots of great stories and memories. Then on Saturday night WRKO (now a talk station) broadcast an incredible on-air reunion which featured the FIVE original DJ’s who were all great radio personalities. They included: Al Gates, Joel Cash, J. J. Jeffrey, Arnie “Woo Woo” Ginsburg and Chuck Knapp! This is a major piece of radio history and a real keeper. It’s a double 2 DVD set, totaling almost four hours. $30.00

The 2010 Final Motor City Radio Reunion Last of 4 such events…featuring tributes to Dick Purtan, Sonny Eliot, Specs Howard, Robin Seymour, and Ernie Harwell. A true radio collectible! $20.00

WGRD Grand Rapids 2010 Reunion Shot on the weekend of August 6th & 7th, 2010, this three (3) hour DVD features highlights of the Friday night reception at the home of former ‘GRD jock Michelle McKormick. Additionally is a 5 hour broadcast on classic hits WFGR-FM (98.7) Grand Rapids compressed into just under an hour! Finally it’s the actual Reunion Party Saturday night the 7th with nearly 80 WGRD alumni and friends! For anyone who ever worked at WGRD, or just grew up in west Michigan during the 1970’s or 80’s, this is a real “keeper.” A must have! 180 minutes (3 hours) $20.00

WLS Big 89 REWIND II 2008In several respects even better than the first one in 2007, the WLS Big 89 Rewind II had everyone there IN STUDIO! Larry Lujack, Jeff Davis and Gil Gross were all present and accounted for. John Records Landecker was on fire! All did a great job and this is another “real keeper” for all WLS fans, and priced the same as the first one. See a 10 min. preview on YouTube…search for Art Vuolo and scroll down. 150 minutes (2.5 hours) $20

The Radio Greats Weekend at The Breeze (Jersey Shore 107.1 & 99.7 FM)This was a sensational reunion of radio greats from the New York/New Jersey area featuring: the legendary Herb Oscar Anderson, Joe McCoy, Mike Fitzgerald, Randy Davis, Bobby Jay, Don K. Reed, plus locals like Captain Jack and Don Tandler (the Record Handler) among others. Featured on this 3 hour DVD is the Friday night party hi-lites and dozens of clips from the all-day Saturday and Sunday July 21-22, 2007 radio event. Phoners from: Dan Ingram, Harry Harrison, Cousin Brucie Morrow, Ron Lundy, and Norm N. Night. If you haveANYfondness for NY/NJ radio you will go nuts over this video trip back through time. It’s unquestionably one of our best ever!!! 3 hours $20

Motor City Radio Reunion 2005. This was billed as the last such reunion in Detroit, which was actually a marketing ploy to increase attendance. It worked, drawing over 300 people, at the Novi Sheraton (formerly the Hilton) Hotel. Dick Purtan MC’d. Hi-lites included: former WKNR (Keener 13) owner Nellie Knorr hugging a dozen former staffers, Mr. Belvedere construction and Irving Neusbaum of NY Carpet World doing mock spots for their two companies, Lee Alan eulogizing the many friends who have died, many funny zingers by Dick Purtan targeting guests, an hysterical joke by Bill Bonds and the comedy of Heywood Banks! Videotaped by SWOCC (SW Oakland Cable). A solid two hours of unparalleled entertainment. 2 hours $20

Motor City Radio & Record Reunion 1988This is a DVD of the first of the Detroit Reunions of radio and record people held on May 7, 1988 at the Michigan Inn in Southfield. People in attendance included: Fred Wolf, Martha Jean (the Queen), Casey Kasem, Marc Avery, Scott Regan, Pat St. John and others. Kevin O’Neill and Jim Ochs participating in a Casey Kasem sound-a-like competition which Casey judged! It features interviews with: Bob Green, Byron MacGregor, Gary Stevens etc. Videotaped by Continental Cablevision of Southfield, it was the beginning of a series of reunions in 1988, 1998, 2005 and finally in 2010! 2 hours $20

The WLS Rewind (an Historic Radio Event)Perhaps one of the greatest I have ever shot…the WLS Rewind on Memorial Day of 2007 was a trip back to the music radio days of the Big 89 with: Larry Lujack, Tommy Edwards, Fred Winston, Catherine Johns, Les Grobsteinn, Chris Shebel, Lyle Dean, John Records Landecker, Gil Gross and Tom Kent. It shows what was going on inside the WLS studio throughout the day and is wildly entertaining. This DVD also has various stories about the event from WLS-TV Channel 7. Jeff Davis is not included because his segment originated in LA via an ISDN line. Larry Lujack was in New Mexico at his ranch and Gil Gross was at ABC News in LA so they are heard but not seen. For ANYONE who grew up with the Big 89….this is a real keeper!!! $20

WLS 25th Anniversary Reunion/1985 This is unquestionably the most popular video we have ever done! It features: Larry Lujack, Fred Winston, John Records Landecker, J J Jeffries, Charlie Van Dyke, Chuck Knapp, Art Roberts, Ron Riley and dozens of your favorite WLS personalities and memorable stories of the Glory Days at the Big 89…Chicagoland’s WLS! 90 minutes $20

WNIC (CKLW) Motown Reunion 1985 Lots of CKLW legends on this one at WNIC-FM with: Scott Regan, Big Jim Edwards, Hal Martin, Super Max, Tom Shannon, the late Byron MacGregor & Jo-Jo and more! Detroit memories are abundant on this one. 120 minutes $20

The “KB” Buffalo Reunion 1986 Celebrating Danny Nevereth’s 25th Anniversary this a huge cast of Buffalo greats like: Tom Shannon, Joey Reynolds, Rod Roddy, Don Berns, plus Tom Shovan and others. Incredible “war” stories, piles of memories. 120 minutes $20

The Z-95.5 Detroit Rock Jock Reunion In conjunction with the 1988 Detroit Radio Reunion WCZY’s Dick Purtan MC’s an all-day in-studio reunion with: Gary Stevens, Herb McCord, Pat St. John, Bob Green, Casey Kasem & more. A Motown Meltdown! 120 minutes $20

The WIXY (WMJI) Cleveland ReunionThis was a classic radio event! WMJI Majic 105.7 presented a WIXY 1260 Reunion with: Lou King Kirby, Billy Bass, Jim LaBarbra, Jack Armstrong, Paxton Mills and others. This was a wonderful time and great video! 60 minutes $20

The KDWB 35th Anniversary ReunionPerhaps one of the technically best produced reunions we’ve ever done in stereo with KDWB greats over a 35 year period with: Lou Waters, Sam Sherwood, True Don Bleu, Domino, Bob Lange, Chris Roberts, Mark Anderson, Bobby Wilde & Chuck Buell a real Twin Cities memories-maker…not to be missed! 120 minutes $20

The WLS Chicago Alumni Reunion/1997 For WLS who can’t get enough, over Labor Day weekend in 1997 this reunion was at the MBC in Chicago & features tons of “war” stories with John Landecker, Bob Hale, Jeff Davis, Bob Sirott, & past WLS managers: John Gehron, Jeff Trumper, Don Bouloukols and Marty Greenberg. Many never-heard-before (behind the scenes) war stories! 120 minutes $20

The Detroit Radio Reunion/1998 Party In 1998 one of the biggest reunions ever in Detroit. This 2 hour video is the actual party at the Novi Hilton with MC Dick Purtan, and huge names like: Soupy Sales, Casey Kasem, Robin Seymour & tons of others! 120 minutes $20

The Detroit Radio Reunion/1998 Radio Before the big Detroit Reunion WOMC & WNIC (& others) hosted alumni with on-air stories of the good ole days…including: Gary Stevens, Tom Shannon, Swingin’ Sweeney, Jim Kerr, Joey Reynolds, Pat St. John, Pat Holiday, Bob Losure, Grant Hudson, Super Max, Jim Jeffries, Jo-Jo and 117 solid minutes of memories! 120 minutes $20

WYNY Reunion 2004  66WNBC/WYNY Reunion from 2004 in New York $20.00

WCBN (U-M) 40 Year Founders Reunion
2-DVD set includes UM vs U-Mass game! This is a must for anyone who was a part of the Campus Broadcasting Network, which is the University of Michigan student radio station. It features a great alumni reunion in the lower level of the Vinology Restaurant in Ann Arbor with interviews on “where are they now” and WCBN memories!
The second DVD is the UM vs. U-Mass game with a WCBN tailgate and lots more radio station alums. $30.00