In my video archives there are countless videos of sessions of extreme interest from any number of radio conventions that I have been covering for many years.  Some of the confabs that I have been covering include: The R&R Convention, The R&R Talk Radio Seminar, The Country Radio Seminar, The Conclave and the Morning Show Boot Camp and The Bobby Poe Conventions.  To find out about the availability of particular tapes, many now available on DVD, please e-mail me directly.  We can not provide video copies of any live performances of musical talent and entertainers.  Prices cover costs only.

KLAV-TV: 40 Year Anniversary Spectacular! Quite possibly my best ever convention hotel TV channel video, KLAV-TV 2015 for Conclave 40 in Minneapolis features just about every memorable video moment of the past 25 years, plus still shots from prior years. It’s also peppered with dozens of outstanding video airchecks, but no music videos. All vivid memories of years gone by. If you were ever at ANY Conclave since 1990, you are undoubtedly on this video. Even though I said that the 2010 version was “The Final Chapter,” I had to extend it to the 40th Anniversary. It is a MUST HAVE for your video library of great radio moments! $20

KLAV-TV: The Final Chapter This is a major “keeper.” After 16 years, I decided to close out KLAV-TV, the unique hotel TV channel at the confab known as The Conclave, a radio conference in Minneapolis each summer. At 2 hours and 40 minutes, this DVD is jammed with 35 years of The Conclave! Lots of outstanding video airchecks and music videos. If you ever attended The Conclave, you’re probably in this amazing production. It’s a great final chapter. $20

1994 Boot Camp Video Dr. Don Carpenter, Ian Case, Joey Reynolds, Randy Michaels, Ron Lundy, Jerry Blavat, Bob Steele, Real Don Steele, Jack Armstrong, John Landecker, Joe Niagra, Hy Lit, Dan Ingram, Bruce Morrow, Tom Shannon, Bob & Tom, Tim & Tom, Steve Dahl, Alex Bennett, Danny Bonaduce, Scott & Todd, Dick Purtan, Bill Gardner, Lewis & Floorwax, Shotgun Tom Kelly, Rich Brother Robbin, Jim Kerr, Terry Dorsey, Robert W. Morgan, Jay Casey, Moby, John Lanigan, Clark Ingram, Bruce Bond, Stoney Richards, Tripp Rogers, John Lander, Pat St. John, and others! $20

1995 Boot Camp Video John Records Landecker in CLV, Rich Michaels in CLV, JJ Quest, Lots of the KDWB Reunion, Bruce Bond, Lander & Elliott, Jim Kerr, Mancow, Dan Donovan, Tom Leykis remote,Albee Dee, Dave-O Thompson, Lewis & Floorwax, Jim & Charlie Morgan, Bob & Tom, Joey Reynolds, Lex & Terry, Jeff McCartney, Mark Dancer, Skip & Dixie and the WNCI Morning Zoo. $20

1996 Morning Show Boot Camp Video! A 2 hour video tour of some of the best morning shows (and those that ought to be) in America. Talent that is featured includes: Mancow, Lou Brutus, Kevin Matthews, Fred Winston, Kato Kaelin, Rocky Allen, Bill Lee, Dick Biondi, Nasty Man, John & Ken, Bob & Tom, Drew & Mike, John Mason, Danny Bonaduce, Jeff & Jer, Tom Leykis, Brother Wease, John Gambling, Joey Reynolds, Paul W. Smith, Joe Wade Formacola, Jay Marvin, and the WNCI Morning Zoo among others. Proof that personality radio is not completely dead…yet. $20

1997 Morning Show Boot Camp Video! Another 2 hour review of some of radio’s brightest and best radio talent like: Steve Cochran, Chris Davis, Rob Blair, Country Dan Dixon, Fingers & Berry, Mancow, Bill Cunningham, Don Beno, Gary Burbank, Spike O’Dell, Rick Dees tour of KIIS-FM, Soupy Sales, Phlash Phelps, Denny Schaffer, Tony & Kris, Jeff & Jer Q106, Bill Bown, Dan Daniel, Bob Rivers home studio, Charlie Wilde in the UK…and tribute to the Real Don Steele. Another videotape that will dazzle radio fans, and inspire radio personalities. Sponsor: Cutler Comedy. $20

1999 Country Radio Seminar (CRS-30) WCRS-TV This is a wildly entertaining TV channel was featured in 3 hotels and featured many classic moments in country radio…TV spots for country stations, memorable clips from past seminars. Talent on WCRS-TV includes: Rhubarb Jones, Dr. Don Carpenter, Joe Wade Formacola, Gerry House, Jim Kerr, Wolfman Jack, Ian Case vs. Kevin O’Nal (Rock vs. Country), Terry Dorsey, Minnie Pearl classic, Dixie & Skip, Country Dan Dixon, Tony & Kris, The early days of the CRS, Moby, Blair Garner and more! If you love country…you’ll love every second of WCRS-TV. Also 9 hot new music videos! Entire tape is in stereo. $20

1999 Morning Show Boot Camp Video! All-New for the last Boot Camp of the 20th Century. This 2 hour plus video will show you the extreme diversity of really great morning shows and hi-profile personalities. This tape showcases: Jamie, Frosty and Frank, Tony & Kris, Mitch Albom, Bob & Tom remote, Ed Tyll, Randy Michaels, Jeff & Jer at Star 100.7, Bill Bailey, Bo Tarkenton, Adam Abrams, Gary Allen, Tim Baron & Deb Hart, Michelle McKormick, Chuck Buell, Rick & Beth, Denny Schaffer, Geoffrey Fieger, Phil Hendrie, Steve Cochran, Gov. Jesse Ventura, Joel Denver and Dave Sholin with Tone E. Fly, Charlie Van Dyke with Mike Butts, Neal & Reese, Jay Towers, Rich Michaels and the Z-100 15th Anniversary with Magic Matt, Ross & Gary & more. Plus tribute to the late Tom Shovan. $20

2000 Boot Camp Video Scott & Todd, Monsters of Midday, Dave Ryan, M.J. & B.J., Tom Graye, Carmen & Chris, Skip Mahaffey, Deminski & Doyle, Ed Tyll, Karel & Andrew, Judy & Kathy, Bill Handel, Michael Jackson, Fred Winston, Goerge McFly & Melissa Forman, Bill Whyte, Kevin O’Neill, Jeff & Jer, Chet Buchanan, Dave Collins, Big Jim Hall, Steve Cooper, Pat Still, Julie & Steve, Bruce Ellscott, Johnny Von, Mojo-Spike-Sara & Eric, Alan Kabel & Lee Valsvick, Jay Thomas and many more! $20

2001 Boot Camp Video Kidd Kraddick, Ron Chapman, Don & Ron, Russ Martin, Don Riley, Doug Banks, Tom Joyner, Jay Sorenson & Hillarie Barsky, Ed Tyll, Deminski & Doyle, Chuck Brinkman, Famous Amos, Craig Williams, Mike O’Brien & Carla Rae, Jim Kramer & K.C. Hart, Johnny Burke, Aaron Adams, Mark Anderson, Kevin O’Neill, Bob & Tom, Dusty Rhodes, Chet Buchanan, Chris O’Brien & Jeneen, Andy-Paige & Zack, Scott ‘Records’ Roddy, Sean Valentine, Gary Spears, Mark & Kim, Charlie Tuna & Leigh Adam, Mojo in the Morning, Craig Williams and lots more! $20

2002 Morning Show Boot Camp Video Tons of classic video airchecks from the early days, and tons of new stuff featuring: Gary Bryan, Jeff & Jer, Tony & Kris, Phil Hendrie, Bob & Tom, Steve Cochran,Tim Barron & Deb Hart, Charlie Van Dyke with Mike Butts, Bill Bailey, Michelle McKormick, Tom Graye, Randy & JR, Deb & Dean, Chris & Charlie, and the first video ever shot in-studio at XM Satellite Radio in DC! $20

2003 Morning Show Boot Camp Video (WMSB-TV) A major production with: Andy Savage, Chris Edmonds, Jeff & Jer int., Chris Davis, Sony West. Andrew Z & Jimmy Hamm, Stoney & Wojo, David & Christina, Alan Kable, Danny Wright, Dave Wingert, WNCI Zoo 2003, Dave Smiley, Paul Harvey, Dave Ramsey, Dave Barber, Grant Hudson, Wags & Elliott, John Lanigan & Jimmy Malone, Johnny Burke, Mark & Pam, Joe & the Poorboy, Jim Bosh & Jodi, LIsa & Dillon plus a montage of Boot Camp #10 in Atlanta! $20

2004 Morning Show Boot Camp Video (KLIP-TV) Another major production! This one features: JohnJay & Rich, BJ Shea, Shotgun Tom, Jo-Jo Kincaid, Stoney Richards, Dave Fuller, Dave Wilson, Jim Kerr & Shelli, Kobe, Phil Hendrie, Rick Shaw & Donna Davis, Mike Harvey, Monster of Mornings, Gary Bryan & Lisa Stanley, Dwyer & Michaels, Dave Collins & Leslye Gale, George Carlin & Michael Moore on Leno, Bob & Shari, Gene & Julie, plus new XM DJ footage and tons of hot talk personalities! $20