Radio Dream Lunch Video!  Radio Dream Lunch Video! The annual Radio Dream Lunch in LA which hosts some of radios biggest names is available on DVD! The disc has the edited version done for YouTube PLUS the uncut, unedited, raw stock footage representing the “directors cut”! This 2 hour DVD is available for the insane price of just $12 plus $4 ship & hand. Order it today before I come to my senses! A real keeper! $12

Father Larry Delaney’s 40th Anniversary Video from St. Jude’s Church when Father Larry celebrated 40 years of the priesthood. It is followed by the reception and party at St. Francis Retreat Center in DeWitt, MI $18

Crazy Al & Larry Matthews: The Final Chapter! This video was shot in the downtown Pontiac, MI studios of Internet Radio Station WVSN on September 25, 2009.  It features highlights of Crazy Al’s Radio Party with co-host Larry Matthews at the controls.  It’s an inside look at one of the most unique oldies shows ever cyber-cast over the Internet.  The ending (in particular) is especially emotional and a must see for all fans of Crazy Al…a truly one-of-kind radio personality! 76 minutes $15

Detroit Radio: The Second Thirty Years (1958-1988) This was originally produced for the 1988 Detroit Radio Reunion at the Michigan Inn in Southfield and is a fast paced blitz through 30 years of Motor City Radio with a slew of photos, TV spots, and video air checks. If Detroit radio means something to you…this video will blow you away with a flood of memories. Just a few of the names featured include: J.P.McCarthy, Dick Purtan, Lee Alan, Tom Clay, Marc Avery, Deano Day, Tom Shannon, Joey Reynolds, Herb McCord, Scott Regan, Byron MacGregor, Casey Kasem, Art Penhallow, Jim Harper, Alan Almond, Steve Schram, Paul W. Smith, a many more. A true reflection of Motown Radio! 60 minutes $20

Legendary DJ’s Inductions at The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame(1998) On April 2, 1998 a group of some of the most legendary names gathered in Cleveland at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to be recognized for their contributions in making rock & roll a major force in the music scene. The legends included: Bruce Morrow, Dan Ingram, Scott Muni, Arnie ‘Woo Woo’ Ginsberg, Paul Berlin, Art Laboe, Dick Biondi, Joey Reynolds, Martha Jean the Queen Steinberg, Dave Marsden, Hal Jackson, Jerry Blavat, Pat O’Day, Porky Chedwick, Red Robbins, Jack Armstrong, Denny Sanders and Max Floyd! After the Brunch featuring all of these talents, there was a riveting press conference with amazing stories, and some answers to questions that MUST be seen! This is most certainly a MAJOR slice of radio history…a must see.  It’s available on TWO DVDs! 150 minutes $25

Randy Michaels Unplugged! (1999 R&R) At the 1999 Radio & Records Convention in Los Angeles, KIIS-FM mad e sure that no one forgot the grand entrance made by Clear Channel Radio President Randy Michaels. His unique ‘unplugged’ panel was started with his entrance as he was brought in on a mobile throne by 4 very buff and oiled men preceded by a bevy of beautiful women dropping rose peddles…while Randy smoked a Cuban cigar! It was a very memorable event. It’s followed by a Group Heads Panel at the Saturday luncheon featuring: Chancellor’s Ken O’Keefe, Clear Channel’s Randy Michaels, Citadel’s Larry Wilson, Cummulus’ Lew Dickey and from Connoisseur, Jeff Warshaw. Moderator was Kathleen Sullivan (formerly with ABC-TV) now at LA’s KFWB-AM. 103 minutes $20

The 1993 Bobby Poe Convention (Hi-lites!) The best Poe ever! His 22nd was killer with: Mark Driscoll, John Landecker, riveting keynote by Daniel Glass Tribute to Larry Stevens Y-102 Montg AL, power outage at Sheraton Premiere Hotel, Mason Dixon, Charlie Minor, Tom Shovan, hospitality suites and pool parties. Notes This one typifies FUN in all-caps. Not to be missed! 120 minutes $20