New York City Radio: 9-11

Unquestionably the best video I have ever produced. Originally made for the 2002 R&R Talk Radio Seminar in Washington, DC, this is a 13 minute mini-documentary on how key radio stations in New York City (and Washington) handled that horrible day on September 11, 2001. All of the audio was taken directly from the stations. No TV sound was incorporated into this video. It is ALL RADIO and very powerful. At the 2002 A.I.R. Awards in Manhattan, this video was shown, but stopped at the midway point because the audience was unable to handle the emotional content. It even made headlines in David Hinckley’s column in the New York Daily News! Over a dozen major on and off-air broadcasters were interviewed and stations featured include: WOR, WABC, WCBS, 1010 WINS, WPLJ and WCBS-FM. Copies of this video are on file at the Museum of TV and Radio in Beverly Hills, CA, New York City and the Newseum in Washington, DC. It’s available on DVD and it includes a 52 station remote from Ground Zero on the one-year anniversary…also very strong content.
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