Z100: A Ten Year Retrospective

On February 26, 2011 Mike Donnelly, VP Sales at Katz Radio in New York orchestrated a phenomenal reunion of Z-100 alumni from both the early years when it first signed on (August 2, 1983) to the Z-100 of today. WHTZ made radio history in a manner that may never again be repeated when it went from “Worst to First” in the New York radio ratings in a quick 74 days! To help celebrate this event and to pay homage to this incredible radio station, Art Vuolo poured over 60 hours into finding every clip he shot on video from 1983 to 1993, plus a special on-air reunion in 1998 to celebrate the stations 15th Anniversary! This video is a two-DVD double-disc set (totaling 4 hours and 20 minutes) in a snap close plastic case with the original Z-100 logo on the cover. It is being made available to anyone who ever worked there, listened to Z-100 or just loved and respected the dynasty created back in the summer of 1983 by Scott Shannon. You can click below and see a video preview, view the complete contents of both DVD discs and how to order your own copy of this collectors edition video.

Before even seeing the video, but after reviewing the index listing of what’s on it, Scott Shannon said ” Art, Oh My God! You always tell me that your latest is your best ever!!!! But, this time you might actually be right, this thing looks absolutely awesome!” Complete index of what is on the two DVD’s (click here)

You can SEE a brief preview of this 4 hour 20 minute double DVD Retrospective by searching on YouTube for Z-100 Retro Preview or using this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxysvuLnB7Q
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