Radio Greats Weekend at The Breeze

In mid-July of 2007 at the studios of Press Broadcasting in Neptune, NJ they held an historic radio reunion of famous New York and New Jersey personalities and this is a 3 hour DVD of the whole thing!  Featured on the video is: WABC’s Herb Oscar Anderson, WCBS-FM’s Joe McCoy, Bob Shannon, Bobby Jay, Don K. Reed, Randy Davis, Mike Fitzgerald and on the phone; Bruce Morrow, Ron Lundy, Harry Harrison and Dan Ingram!  Others included from NJ are: Don Tandler, Captain Jack, Ed Salvas, and dozens more!   It was held at The Breeze, 107.1 & 99.7 FM at the Jersey Shore.

It was an amazing event and a major memory-maker and if you are a fan of NYC area radio, it is an absolute MUST HAVE video!   Available on TWO discs nicely packaged.