WLS Rewind Radio Events

Over the years since 1979, it has been my pleasure to archive, on video, some of the most incredible moments in radio history. These were certainly two of the best. My Sony 2100 3-chip digital camcorder was set up in the WLS main air studio from just after 8 a.m. until midnight on Monday, Memorial Day, in 2007 and 2008 capturing nearly 100% of the two WLS REWINDS! For one day only, WLS News-Talk Radio 890 AM, turned back the hands of time to the late 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s. Station management gave the talk hosts the day off, and for 19 hours it was the return of WLS MUSICRADIO 89! On the 2007 DVD you’ll see Tommy Edwards, Fred Winston, Chris Shebel, Catherine Johns, Lyle Dean, Les Grobstein, John Records Landecker and Tom Kent, plus several of the behind the scenes people who helped make it all a reality. Heard, but not seen (because they were not actually in the studio) were: Larry Lujack, Jeff Davis, and newsman Gil Gross.

On the 2008 WLS REWIND II all the stars were IN STUDIO! Larry Lujack came in from his New Mexico compound. Jeff Davis arrived from his voice-over studio in Hollywood, and Gil Gross flew in from KGO in San Francisco, where his boss, KGO PD Jack Swanson is also a former WLS newsman! Chris Shebel and Tom Kent were not a part of the 2008 event but Bill Bailey came from Grand Rapids. John Records Landecker, although great in 2007 was absolutely ON FIRE in 2008!
These are MUST HAVE DVD’s for all fans of the enormous, but not too gaudy 89. Also, in our archive, is the 1985 WLS 25th Anniversary Reunion celebrating a quarter century of WLS as The Rock of Chicago! Plus, in 1997, we have the entire two-day WLS Alumni Reunion. Both of these DVD’s are truly amazing. Enjoy the memories of one of America’s most legendary radio stations…890 AM WLS! See a special 10 minute preview on www.YouTube.com. Just type in WLS Rewind.